Why We’re Different

FemVincible™ is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

I don’t teach difficult to remember techniques or fancy martial arts moves that require a high fitness level and years of practice. Everything I teach is easy to do, easy to remember, AND effective!

How can FemVincible™ programs be all those things?

Simple. I’m not teaching you to be a military commando or a deadly ninja! I teach skills that allow you to see trouble BEFORE you’re caught up in it, and I teach you skills that allow you to escape the trouble that you can’t avoid. In the world of protecting your safety, awareness and prevention skills are solid gold! It is SO much easier to AVOID trouble or danger than it is to escape it. That is why FemVincible™ places such a high priority on Awareness and Personal Boundaries!

But, sometimes, regardless of your prevention skills and efforts, trouble can fall right in your lap! That is why FemVincible’s™ second focus in on teaching skills for escaping dangerous situations and dangerous people. And since bad things don’t just happen to people who are ultra-fit and in perfect health, FemVincible™ programs are built to be useable by practically anyone in any physical condition! Whether you are 90 pounds or 290; whether all your parts work or some are broken (or even missing); whether you are 17 or 87, FemVincible™ programs CAN help you to be FAR safer and FAR more confident!

You won’t find a program as practical and effective anywhere else!