surviving abuse

WXPH – Ion Media’s “The Alabama Way” interviews Penny Blackmon

Watch Penny Blackmon as she is interviewed by Ion Media’s, Debra Perry, on “The Alabama Way.” She shares her personal story, and how taking the Legs and Brains, Claws and Fangs class has given her back her personal power. (Update: Some of our programs have changed. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date.)

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Crap can be fertilizer in more ways than one!

The far reaching effects of abuse are amazing. It is amazing how you can be going through your every day life, and BAM! you are now responding to something that “feels” connected to your past, even if it’s not, and you suddenly feel unsafe again (the crap). I have experienced this many times. It was when I had finally “had enough” of the debilitating behaviors that were associated to abuses I experienced as a small girl and as a young…

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