Self-Protection Tools

ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama Interview

Hey everyone, we just wanted to share the LaBCaF interview we did this morning on Talk of Alabama, ABC 33/40 with Nicole Allshouse.  They were so kind to invite us onto the show and we’re really thankful for the opportunity to share what we do with their audience. It was great for everyone to see the many common items that can be used for self-protection / self-defense, no matter where they find themselves. Cranford & Penny Blackmon (Update: some of…

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It’s Self PROTECTION, not Self Defense!

Which would you prefer: Fighting your way out of a situation using self-defense techniques/tools/weapons OR Avoiding that situation altogether? We believe in avoiding the situation altogether.  That is why we have dedicated so much of our information and programs to avoiding and escaping bad situations! When I think of all the tools Cranford has taught me, tools with which I can confidently protect myself by avoiding and escaping Bad Guys and bad situations, I am incredibly grateful for the Legs…

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