pepper spray

The HOT Button

This is the third installment about Pepper Spray (also called OC spray, remember?). See part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE. Although there are several types of pepper spray canisters, there are only a few types of triggers and safety types. The two most common safety/trigger configurations are the “turn and press” and the “flip and press.” Those aren’t the technical names, but they are pretty good descriptors, so I’ll stick with them. You can click on the pictures below…

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To Spray or to Stream, THAT is the Question!

Hello again! In my earlier post, What’s So Hot about Pepper Spray, I told you about the effects of pepper spray. But once you’ve decided that you want to purchase a container of pepper spray, there are a few other things to consider. The most important decision (in my opinion) is whether to purchase a pepper spray container that shoots a stream or a spray. Each has its positives and its negatives. I’ll go over them, but ultimately you should…

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What’s so HOT about pepper spray?

Hey there everybody! I want to tell you a little about Pepper Spray. Some of you might be thinking about carrying it while others of you already have it. Or maybe you don’t really know anything about it and haven’t even given it any thought whatsoever. Regardless of which of those three groups you fall into, you’re about to be a little more informed than you were a few minutes ago! Check out this article I found about pepper spray…

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