What we accomplish 
with our programs

1– Reduce or eliminate the anxiety, fear, and hyper-vigilance that violence survivors continue to experience due to their traumatic experience(s)
2- Rebuild and increase both self-confidence and courage in violence survivors with skills that give them the ability to avoid, escape, and even prevent dangerous situations whether criminal or environmental
3- Increase opportunities for success in every part of violence survivors’ lives by teaching them how these incredibly powerful skills can also be used in business, school, finding employment, social growth, family relationships, and significant other relationships.
4- Deliver our programs in a way that adults can easily teach their children so those children grow up with skills that can keep them safe.

Although we have a strong focus on helping violence or abuse survivors through support organizations, our programs can support any woman in becoming safer and more confident,
regardless of the situation.

Benefits and Opportunities

For Organizations Supporting At-Risk Women and Survivors of Sexual, Domestic, or Other Types of Violence & Abuse :
+Prevent re-victimization through confidence building and self-protection skills that use no martial arts and no firearms.
+Provide those you serve with immediately useful, hands-on, practical skills to keep themselves safe and to escape dangerous situations rather than resources that are just informational or only for use AFTER being victimized.
+Create greater community awareness of your organization by offering the programs to the surrounding communities.
+Make women in your community safer and support your organization by offering the programs as fund raising events.

For individuals:
+Be confident and capable even if you’ve experienced trauma, violence, abuse, or trafficking.
+The ability to enjoy life again with confidence, courage, and the capability to take care of themselves in any situation.
+The ability to pass the same skills to their children so they can grow up with the skills to be safe and escape danger.

For K-12 Schools:
+Provide confidence and support to faculty and staff who are survivors of trauma or violence (even though most probably wouldn’t have shared that information publicly).
+Provide real-world skills for faculty and staff to protect themselves and their students in on- and off-campus situations.
+Faculty and staff having the ability to reduce injuries and loss of life in the event of a disaster or active shooter event.

For Colleges/Universities:
+Provide real-world, life changing programs to the violence survivors on your campus (whether students, staff, or faculty).
+Reduce the risk of violence against women for students, faculty, and staff, whether they are on campus or off.
+Provide success and survival skills that will last a lifetime.
+Provide programs to local women, improving community relations and local support for the school.
+Increase the school’s reputation as an organization aggressively focused on the safety of women.

For Churches & Religious Organizations:
+Prepare graduating HS senior girls for going to college, entering the workforce, and moving out on their own.
+Provide real-world safety skills to those on missions trips.
+Give all women of the congregation (especially single moms and widows) ways to be safer and to avoid and prevent threats to their safety.
+As a community outreach, these programs are a wonderful and useful opportunity to invite women of the community into your church or organization.
+Provide these programs as fund raisers to support your women’s ministries or your groups supporting at-risk women.

For Businesses:
+Provide skills to prevent and stop work place sexual harassment
+Provide real-world, life changing programs and support to the violence survivors in your company.
+Increase family safety and employee/company connection by offering the programs to spouses and other family members of employees.
+Provide effective safety and threat escape skills for female employees who travel or independent sales consultants – especially those who do in-home sales.

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