The Six Pillars of True Empowerment for Success and Safety

The Six Pillars of True Empowerment
for Success and Safety

The Six Pillar program is a comprehensive training that is broken down into 6 separate courses to be taken in order.  Each course includes class sessions and experiential training homework, which allows you to put what you’ve learned in each lesson into practice immediately.  Although everything in the program can be used for success in day-to-day life (work, school, relationships, etc.), there is a strong focus on personal safety for avoiding, escaping, and preventing dangerous situations and revictimization.  Those situations include both natural and man-made dangers, such as storms, fires, explosions, shooters, collapsing buildings, and more. 

Each “Pillar” is a deep dive into a specific skill that, even by itself, can drastically enhance your life. However, the 6 pillars, when used as a whole, provide the kind of personal power and confidence that allows you to create incredible safety, change, and growth in your life and the lives of your children, regardless of where you are and what’s in your past!

With a strong focus on keeping you safe from home intruders, sexual predators, human traffickers, and violent partners, the Six Pillar program was designed to give you simple but highly effective ways to avoid and escape those dangerous people without needing to physically “fight” them.  However, after completing the Six Pillar program, you can apply for a spot in the advanced programs for physically responding to and escaping from a predator or other human threat, regardless of your size, fitness level, or any physical challenges you may have. 

-Ages 17-65+

-Survivors of violence and/or abuse and others who want to feel powerful and safe in their daily life.

-This is a women or men only event.

-Mixed gender events available on request.

Program Platforms Available
-Pre-recorded Online classes for individuals
-Pre-recorded Online for groups/organizations
*(requires trained group leader)

-Live Online video private group (3-person max.)
-Live Online video for groups (8-person minimum)

-Live in-person for groups (8-person minimum)
-Live in-person 1:1
-Live in-person private family class

Programs Include
Weekly instruction with exercises for practical use & skill retention

Discussion and insight sharing

Directed journaling for personal understanding and growth

Financial Investment
Varies by platform and group numbers

Contact us for pricing
on your specific needs

Pillar One: Decisiveness for Every Situation
Length:  6 weeks

Don’t let what you think you know about “decisiveness” keep you from learning and harnessing the awesome power of being able to decide what to do in any situation, even under extreme stress!

“Decision making” is a simple skill everyone has access to.  But the wishy-washy common version is NOTHING like the powered-up life-saving skill you need when your life or the lives of your children are at stake.  This in-depth program teaches you the true power and confidence that comes from being able to quickly make the right decision in any challenging or dangerous situation and HOW to use it!

The ability to make quick effective decisions is so important that, without it, everything else you learn and do for your own safety can become far more challenging and far less effective.

Don’t take this skill lightly – It is a life saver!

Pillar Two: Assumptive Realities for Confusion and Control
Length:  6 weeks

The experience of every event in your life and how those events affect your life make up your personal reality.  Whether a roller coaster ride causes you nausea and terror or pure excitement, that is YOUR personal reality (no matter what anyone else thinks or tells you).  The roller coaster doesn’t change, but each person’s experience and “reality” of it does!

In this course you will explore and discover what determines your experience of what happens to you.  Your memories, prior experiences, and learned beliefs can empower you to reach great heights of success and happiness.  But they can also hold you in the dark grip of fear and despair!

You will learn to evaluate how your beliefs, right or wrong, affect your reality and your experience of life.  You’ll also learn how to change those “reality makers” when they don’t serve you or they hamper whatever successes you dream of.

Your realities affect everything from a place in your subconscious, and those realities can’t differentiate what’s good for you from what’s terrible for you. They just keep going.  Taking control of your “realities” can be an incredible tool that allows you to use your subconscious for achieving the things you really do want!

But the greatest power (and danger) of your assumptive realities is that your body listens to and obeys them without question. Consciously knowing and adjusting your “realities” will help your body do things for you that seem almost mystical!

Pillar Three:  Physical and Intuitive Awareness
Length:  8 weeks

Without an understanding of what is happening around you and TO you, it is nearly impossible to know what options and responses are possible or even appropriate for your safety and survival.  No one can respond to or use things or situations they’re not aware of. 

But what are the things you need to be aware of? How do you become aware of it? What do you do once you DO become aware of it? And how can you do all this without being paranoid and anxious all the time?

In this course, you’ll get the answers to all of those questions and more!  You’re going to learn how to actively use, strengthen, and focus all of your senses, including your intuition to help you avoid and escape dangers of all types, including predators.

You are going to learn how what may initially look like a hopeless situation can be full of opportunities and options to help you stay safe and escape.  You’ll also learn to “see” a problem before you are stuck in it or being affected by it, which makes getting away and staying safe MUCH easier.

These skills are NOT what you’ve heard of as “situational awareness.” Personal and intuitive awareness provide much more for you in options and possibilities. When you are by yourself, these skills are incredible.  But when you are with your children, personal and intuitive awareness are vital in creating survival and victory from what could easily become a tragedy.

What you learned in the first two pillars, decisiveness and assumptive realities, will get a great power up as you add “personal and intuitive awareness” skills to your True Empowerment success and survival toolkit!

Pillar Four:  Mindfulness for Success and Survival
Length:  6 weeks

When you think of “mindfulness,” you probably don’t think of it as a life-saving skill in situations of violence, terrorism, abuse, fighting for your life, or escape and survival!  Who would?!

I do, and soon, you will too.  In this course you’ll learn how to use mindfulness in a whole new action-oriented way to help you in ANY situation.

To escape and survive whatever challenges and threats this world and the bad people who live here throw at you, you must be able to immediately know the state of your mind and body.  That includes recognizing any physical, emotional, or mental challenges you currently have, whether they’re permanent or temporary.  But it also includes recognizing any physical, emotional, or mental benefits that can help you escape and survive.

With that information, you can greatly enhance your chances of creating the outcome you want.  You’ll finish this course knowing exactly how to do that whether the challenge (or opportunity) is about your job, your relationship, or about surviving an attack on you and your children!

Pillar Five:  Survival Creativity
Length:  6 weeks

Just being alive, means you are constantly playing a game of chance, with your safety, relationships, business, travel, and more.  So, you clearly want to improve your chances in every situation, especially the dangerous ones.
One of the most powerful but underused skills for safety and success is creativity.  In this course, you will learn to use creativity in a way that will drastically improve your odds of surviving, escaping, and overcoming any challenge that comes your way.  You will learn and practice using unconventional thinking and acting to benefit your health, safety, and success. 

After this class, finding options for greater success will be SO much easier. And on top of that, you’ll see the whole world with new eyes and new hope.

Pillar Six: Empowering Powerful Action
Length:  5 weeks

Regardless of how skilled you are, how smart you are, and even how incredibly creative you are, you can’t improve any situation or relationship without action!  In this course you’ll learn and practice how to combine your knowledge, skills, and environment in a way that will allow you to make powerful decisions and take the best action in any situation.  You’ll learn to take these actions consciously without requesting any assistance from luck, chance, or fate!

All the skills you’ve learned in the previous courses are now in the bowl for you to use whenever you want.  But the last ingredient needed for that mix to become something completely new and even more powerful than just the sum of the parts, can only come from you!

In this final course, you’ll learn how to use your drive, hope, passion, and love as the superpowered energizer for all the other skills you’ve learned.  Having done that, (and being able to do it over and over at any time and in any situation) you become someone new, someone confident, and someone powerful enough to make your life whatever you want it to be – for you, your family, and of course, for your children. The power to protect yourself and achieve the things you dream of can finally be where it belongs:
in YOUR hands!

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