The kids are back to school now.  It is an exciting time as they start another school year.  Even though we love that they are out in the world learning awesome things, we can’t help but be a little nervous about our little ones as they spend time out of our sight, and in the big world!  To help you ease a few fears, you will want to prepare your kids to know what to do if they are approached by someone “wanting to help them.”  We don’t want our kids to be afraid of the world, but we do want them to have a safety plan to help them determine if their “helper” is parent approved or not.

In this sample of our upcoming podcast episodes, Cranford shares some great tips on how to prepare your kids for safety, and how you can take away a tool that criminals may use to lure your child away.  In the future the podcast episodes will be set in a really cool player that allows you to download, back up and move forward.  For now, enjoy listening to “Keeping Your Kids Safe At School.”

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Until next time,

Penny and Cranford Blackmon

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