Where can you hide if you are at the park?

Know what to do if an active shooter shows up!

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A big fear we hear from mothers is “what can I do to keep my kids safe if an active shooter is around?”  In our Introduction to Situational Awareness Class (Shecret Agent 101), we teach you to find your CoCo.  What does a cup of hot chocolate have to do with this?  Okay, it isn’t cocoa we look for it is CoCo – or Cover and Concealment.

Concealment is what you use to hide yourself, Cover is something you use to shield yourself from flying objects (like bullets).  Many times you can combine cover and concealment to find an effective hiding place until the danger passes.  Watch the video below as Cranford shows you the CoCo he found when we were at the park the other day.

You can even turn this into a game for your kids.  When you tell them to find their CoCo, they have to find someplace to hide where they wouldn’t be easily seen, and that would protect them if someone was throwing rocks.  Every kid loves a bit of hide and seek, why not use this fun game to train them to “Find their CoCo” in case you ever have to do it in an active shooter situation.  The more you practice the better both you and your children will respond if you find yourself in a bad situation when bullets start flying.

Until next time,

Stay safe and stay strong!

Penny and Cranford Blackmon

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