By Cranford Blackmon

I’m so excited that what we are doing to keep women safe is reaching out beyond our local area.  Although we’re not teaching outside of Alabama yet (as of this post’s date anyway), our articles are being seen and read by people around the country.

Nicole from ABC Locksmith down in Clearwater, FL found our article “Plants as Part of your Home Security Plan.”  As a locksmith company, ABC also tries to educate their customers and readers about home safety and security.  So, Nicole offered us an article from their blog to post for our readers.

It’s a good article (and much shorter than my long-winded pieces!). Almost everything in their article is covered in our programsThat means I REALLY like her article.  “13 easy ways to make your home safer.”

13 Not-So-Obvious Home Safety Hacks For A Safer Home

Thanks to Nicole and ABC Locksmith for sharing a great article with us and our wonderful readers!

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Stay safe,


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