By Cranford Blackmon

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On March 14, 2017, a young woman was kidnapped in Birmingham AL.  But after several terrifying hours, because she kept her focus on surviving and then got creative, she escaped!

Thank goodness for her clarity of thinking and a positive mindset.  I won’t recount her story here.  You can read the whole thing by clicking the link below.  What I do want to say is that she is an awesome example to women everywhere.  Even when terrified, if you can keep a clear mind, you can find a way to escape.  You can be victorious.

After reading her story, those of you who have taken our Situational Awareness 101 class will be able to see the things you learned in her actions.  Yes, we teach situational awareness as a way to avoid criminal actions.  But here’s the thing: if you didn’t avoid a bad situation, it is still extremely important to keep your awareness level turned up to “high.” Even though Ms. Diggs didn’t see what was about to happen to her, once it did, she got focused, she got determined, and she got away!

I don’t know Ms. Diggs, but I am so very proud of her and so thankful for her safety!

If you read her story and are stumped at how she figured out what to do, I hope you will consider taking a look at our website, read the free articles on safety, and even consider attending one of our classes or hosting one at your company or church.

If you are already a LaBCaF girl, this story of victory should reinforce everything you learned in our courses.  You don’t have to be bigger or stronger than a bad guy.  You just have to be smarter and more determined!

Until next time,


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