By Cranford Blackmon

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At the time of this writing, I am the step-dad of 7 and the granddad of 6.  So you might guess that my wife Penny gets the occasional text or call that goes something like this: “Mom, I have no idea what to get Cran! Any ideas?”

I’m pretty sure that same message goes out to millions of moms every year for Father’s Day, birthdays, and of course Christmas.  Well, if all those other dads out there are anything like me, they probably have enough “stuff” from years past.  We’ve got plenty of tools, gadgets, ties, and certainly enough socks!  What we really want (what we really really want) is an experience that will make us smile.

I remember when I was just a little boy, I wanted to buy a gift for my Pawpaw (that’s “Grandpa” for you yankees). I don’t remember what the holiday was, but I do remember what I got for him: it was a green plastic army jeep with a machine gun on the back.  I thought it was AWESOME and I knew he would love it too.  When he opened it, my expectations were proven to be accurate: he smiled real big and said he loved it!  Then with love and wisdom he said “I don’t have anywhere to keep this.  Would you keep it for me? And it’s ok if you want to play with it.”  WOW! Could this day get better?

As young boy, I thought I was just super lucky that Pawpaw didn’t have a place to put it.  But, being a dad and a pawpaw myself now, I understand what really happened.  He didn’t need or want a cool army jeep.  What he did want, was to see his grandson happy.  Well he certainly got that!

For all of you ladies out there, here’s some information you may have forgotten.  Whether you’re thinking about your dad or the dad of your own children or a granddad, that man loves you more than you’ll ever know.  He may not be too good at showing it or saying it enough, but he does love you.  That means he also worries about you.  He does that a lot.

I would like for each of you to consider getting something for yourself that is for “him” as well.  Do something that will make you safer and dedicate it to dear old dad.  Take one or all of our self-protection courses. If you can’t take our courses, take a local self-defense program, or start taking martial arts.  Then send him a card that says something like this:

“Hi Dad, I know you already have lots of “stuff” and I know you also worry
about me more than you should.  So this year, instead of buying you something
else to put in your closet, I’ve decided to enroll in the
(insert course name here).  It will help me to be safer by showing me how
to take care of myself.  I’m dedicating the class I’m taking to you.  I know
you always want to protect me and you worry when I’m away.  My gift is
to help you worry a less about your little girl by learning to take care of myself.
I love you Daddy”

That would make any dad (or granddad) a little bit happier.  He’ll still worry, but he’ll feel a little bit better too.  And that’s what you want anyway, to make your dad happy.

Do something for dad that will last forever.  Learn to take care of that woman who will always be his little girl.

Until next time,


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