by Penny Blackmon

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It is common for women to feel that if they were attacked, they wouldn’t be strong enough to fight off their attacker.  They can feel that it would be easy to be over powered by a man, that they are weaker and more vulnerable.  We have had students tell us that after taking  Modules 3 & 4 (Legs and Brains & Claws and Fangs) they were surprised at how confident they feel that they CAN be successful and take back the upper hand if they were attacked.

So where does this confidence come from?  It starts with mindset, and then gets strengthened by knowledge.  The first step in being strong enough to win, is having the mindset that you will do whatever it takes to survive.  When you shift your focus to winning, not only do you send a message that you are not a good target, your brain will feed you the information you need to win.

Let’s look at the power of mindset from a bad guy’s perspective.  Look at these four women.  What kind of vibe do you get from them?



If you were a bad guy, which of these women look like they would be easier to overpower?  It’s amazing what different messages they are sending, isn’t it?  Two of them look unsure and uncertain.  Two of them look ready to do what it takes.

Don’t forget that being distracted is also a sign that you are an easy mark.  We aren’t saying to go about life on pins and needles, ready for the bad thing to happen.  We are saying to remember to keep your focus broader than just the thing in front of you.  When you are walking through the parking lot, it is okay to go over the grocery list in your head, or even check your text messages.  Just remember to broaden your focus too.  Have you looked around you to see if there is anyone in the vehicles that are near you?  Have you taken into account the behavior of those people that are walking about?  Are they acting normally?  If all looks good, then check that text message, pick out your cans of green beans, find that great smelling shampoo.  Then reassess before going onto the next thing on your list.  How do things look now?

Today, when you are out and about doing errands, look around you to see what kind of vibe you are getting from the women around you.  How do they carry themselves?  What message are they sending? Are they distracted?  Is their focus narrow or broad?  Are they aware of you when you walk past them?  Then compare that to yourself.  How are you holding yourself? What does your body language say?  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to see who’s ready, and who’s not.

So now that you have an idea of what a bad guy is looking for, what’s next?  Well, along with sending a message of awareness, you will find yourself more confident in your ability to win if you know what to do if you are attacked.  With that knowledge, you will find that not only do you send a message of being alert, you will send a message that if they do pick on you, they will regret it.

The things we teach you in Module 4 – Claws and Fangs will help you know that no matter what the situation is, you always have things you can do to overpower the bad guy.  You will learn how to make him let go of you, how to disable him so that you can escape, and how to make sure he will think twice about EVER picking on a girl again.  If you are ready to learn this plethora of self-protection methods so that you can have the knowledge of what to do if attacked, come join us in class.  You will be amazed at the difference you feel about yourself.

I can tell you that I no longer feel afraid.  I feel ready.  When I watch movies and see the bad situations they portray, I can see the solutions to get out of those circumstances. Wherever I go, whoever I am with, I see the avenues of escape I can use.  I see the things in my environment that can help me, and I know what I will do if I must act.  I also know that this knowledge translates into my body language.  I am strong, I am confident, and I am CAPABLE!  I will win, and I will survive!

Penny Blackmon

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