So, you have worked hard and saved your money to have some nice things for yourself and for your family.  But now you’re wishing you could make some of those things available to the lowlife criminal scum of your local area.  Hmmm, what’s the best way you could get those bad guys to come into your home and take that television, the computer, your grandmother’s jewelry, that antique vase you so love having, and so on?  It might also be nice to give them your kid’s video game console, or maybe the stash of emergency money you keep tucked away too!

Well, here’s a few tips you can implement to make sure that YOUR home looks really inviting to criminals.  So just do these things and, even though I can’t guarantee a visit from a burglar, you’ll certainly increase your odds of getting the attention of your local bad guys!

(NOTE:  I’m using what many professionals call “reverse psychology” here.  I’m telling you how to make your home look like a great target for criminals.  But the REAL goal is to let you know what you SHOULDN’T do if you want to keep your home, your family, and all your valuables safe.  If you already knew that was what I’m doing, you can ignore this note!)

  1. Keep the area surrounding your home dark. Criminals can be shy and may not be comfortable approaching a well-lit residence.
  2. Make sure to leave a door, window, or garage door unlocked or even open. Many criminals don’t enjoy the benefits that “hard work” can bring into their life.  Therefore, they may be put off if it’s less than easy to get into your home (he’s looking for stuff, not a job!).
  3. Be sure to leave your drapes or blinds open, especially on the first floor of your home. There are a lot of homes a burglar could choose to enter.  Being able to easily see what is inside your home will help them to pick your house!
  4. When you get new things, like a computer or a wide-screen TV, don’t break the box down or cut it up before throwing it away. Leaving those boxes out by the trash where a burglar can easily see what new goodies you have is a generous way you can help them choose which home to visit: yours (YAY!)
  5. Leaving your home for a vacation? This is a GREAT opportunity for a thief.  But try not to confuse the bad guys by stopping your mail and newspaper deliveries, using timers on lights and TV or radios, or having a friend park in your driveway while you’re gone.  These actions could mistakenly cause a burglar to think your house is still occupied, making them go look for another house that is CLEARLY unoccupied.

There you have it.  Simple, right?  If you would like to find out more ways you could accidentally (or even actively) be keeping criminals away from your home and your family, check out our class on creating personal boundaries for yourself, your home, and your workplace.  We’ll show you many many things that can keep trouble away from you and out of your life.  So, if you’re really hoping to invite trouble and crime into your world, don’t do ANYTHING you learn in our Fortress Building class.

But, if you’re one of those mean people who doesn’t want to empower criminals or support their drug addictions and criminal lifestyles, well, then you should take the Fortress Building class and do EVERYTHING we show you.  But just to be clear, if you choose to do everything in the class, you may end up with a crime free home and a safe neighborhood!

(NOTE #2: Just in case you’re confused and/or drunk, I want you to know that we REALLY want you to be safe and have a safe family, home, and community.  Don’t do things that invite trouble or criminals!  That’s NOT reverse psychology. Really, just don’t do it.)

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