‘Tis the season for festive decorations as we each celebrate the wonderful season of Christmas!
Whether you do minimalist decorations or go all out no matter what the power bill might be, they create a special feeling.  It just seems brings back childhood memories of hope and excitement.

I love seeing all the beautiful decorations on homes as we drive around just to enjoy the festive lights.  From simple to supremo, they’re just fun to see.  Lights in the yard.  Lights and wreaths on the house. Lights and, of course, the Christmas tree through the windows.

Wait a minute.  If you’ve put your tree up (and whatever other decorations) where they can be seen through the window, you might be giving an early gift to would be criminals!  What?  That’s right.  If all your neighbors and families driving around to enjoy lights can see into your home, guess who else can – You guessed it: criminals.

“Merry Christmas, bad guys. Here, have a look into my home so you can decide what to steal!”

Now I’m not suggesting you pull the curtains or close the blinds so that your beautiful lights can’t be seen.  Where’s the fun in hiding your decorations, right?  Well here are a few tips that can make it harder for bad guys to window shop at your house.  By the way, these are REALLY important if your windows are on a ground floor where it is VERY easy for a criminal to look into your house.

Curtains: In the evenings, close your curtains partway.  Your tree can still be seen, but you take away some of the viewing space bad guys can use to “case” your home.  You could also use semi-transparent curtains to allow your decorations to be seen but NOT your possessions.

Opaque Decorations:  Fill in the areas of windows with decorations that can’t be seen through.  Whether it is wreaths or homemade cutout snowflakes, it blocks some of the view from outside while still providing a festive appearance.  Plus, what a great way to display your children’s handiwork!

(from digsdigs.com)

Snow Decorations:  Adding snow to your windows can also take away some of that space that allows a bad guy to look inside.  Whether it’s the spray-on snow you can buy at most stores or fluffy cottony material you use, once again it’s a great way to minimize the viewing area of any window INTO your home.

(from jasonerinwood.blogspot.com)

Frosted Windows:  If you live in the colder climates, this one might be a freebie whether you want it or not.  But in the warmer climates, there are other ways to simulate frost on windows.  Frosted glass, real or simulated, still allows all the glory of your lights to show through (not to mention creating a glowing effect) while practically blocking any view into your home.  You can buy frosted window clings or even make “frosting” at home. Here’s an easy tutorial I found on how to make your own. Click HERE.

(from davevanderwekke.com)

There’s 4 easy and inexpensive ways to hinder a bad guy’s ability to look into your home while still being able to share those wonderful lights and decorations with your neighborhood and the families who love to drive around and enjoy your festive creativity.

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Have a happy and safe holiday season,

Cranford & Penny

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