Ok, you read the title and now you’re sitting there with your eyebrow raised or your head cocked to the side like a confused puppy.  I can almost hear you asking me “Cran, what the heck are you talking about?”

Well, as many of you already know, we teach women to be safe, to be aware, to escape, and to fight like a crazed badger.  The point of all that is not only to be safe wherever you are, but also to be able to protect your family, whether it’s your children, aging parents, or family members with disabilities.  We want your family to be safe from all the dangerous and terrible things and people out there.

But there is a group of families out there who live under a constant cloud of danger.  Many of them don’t even realize it.  Others recognize it, but choose not think about it, hoping nothing ever happens.  What’s worse is that many of these families have a false sense of security that could make them even MORE vulnerable.

So, who do these families belong to- drug dealers, murderers, terrorists, enemies of the US, cult leaders (or members), arsonists, anti-police wackos, or even crazily desperate or deranged people?  Nope.

Quite the opposite.  Look back at that list again.  Who are the “enemies” of those people I just listed? Answer: police, investigators, local and federal agents, soldiers, counselors, prosecutors, court employees, correctional facility employees, community leaders, first responders, and good citizens who have turned in those bad people or been a witness against them.

Those GOOD people are the enemies of the BAD people (the “good enemies” of bad people).  Agents, soldiers, law enforcement officers, and so on KNOW the danger they face.  The problem is when a criminal, a terrorist group, a foreign enemy, or some other person bent on violence, decides that the best way to get revenge on all those people who protect the citizens of our communities, is not to directly attack the “good guy,” or the organization they work for.  Instead, some of those criminals decide that the way to hurt or intimidate or control a “good guy” is to threaten or hurt the good guy’s family. (Remember, a “good guy” is the “good enemy” of bad guys).

Is it twisted and awful for a bad guy to target a person’s family? Of course it is, but we call them “bad” guys for a reason.  And believe me, it really does happen.  I’ve seen it.

So what is that “false sense of security” thing I mentioned earlier? It’s a problem that comes from two directions.  First, the officer, soldier, or whomever the “good guy” is, has the very honorable idea of “I will protect my family.”  But as wonderful and hopeful as that idea is, it isn’t very realistic.  Those good guys go to work, they get sent out on jobs, missions, and so forth.  They must, by the very nature of their job, be AWAY from their family and are therefore NOT able to protect them.  I KNOW this! Remember, I’ve been a soldier, a policeman, an air marshal, and a first responder. Bad guys also know this, and since they ARE bad, they will take advantage of good guy’s absence.

The second direction the false sense of security comes from, is the family’s belief that, because of what my husband (or wife, or parent) does, we are protected and safe.  They might say something like “No one in their right mind attacks a policeman’s family, right?” Well, the bad guys aren’t always “in their right mind” in the first place.  And as we all know from watching the news, some bad guys are far, far worse than others.

I’m not trying to stir up fear or panic in the hearts and minds of anyone connected to first responders or to military service members.  What I AM trying to inspire is the understanding, especially in these “at risk” families, that you must, must, MUST have some level of ability to take care of yourself and your family even when, especially when, the “protector” of your family isn’t there.

You don’t necessarily need to be a martial artist, or be trained in using a firearm.  But a CALM and CONSTANT awareness is paramount to keeping your lives safe! After that, you must have a plan of what you and your family can do if faced with danger.  And this doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan.  Simple is much better anyway.

Those two layers of readiness, awareness and a plan, can keep you out of danger or help you escape if danger has come to you.  They are the most important layers.  Additional layers, (alarms, security cameras, weapons, fight training, etc) are a great addition, but are almost useless without the first two layers.

There is an added benefit to being aware and prepared. While your main family protector is away doing their job, they can feel better that, even though they are not there to protect you, you are safer because you took the time to LEARN HOW to be more situationally aware and prepared.

We all know that the majority of agencies and organizations who employ these “good guys” are usually underfunded. Because of this, we know the vast majority of them don’t have any sort of programs to teach or protect the families of these dedicated public servants.  But here at LaBCaF, LLC (LABCAF.COM), we DO have a program that can help keep these families safe.  (Actually, we have several programs that would help!)

Our introductory 2.5-hour course focuses on Situational Awareness.  But in this class we also cover, in easy to understand language, using concealment and cover, and finding effective escape routes in dangerous situations (like active shooter situations), and emergency decision making.  This class is for women from teens to seniors. We also offer great group rates, making this class extremely affordable, even for underfunded organizations or groups who want to sponsor classes for those organizations.

If you are a member (or the leader) of a first responder, public safety, or military organization, please contact us.  We would like to meet with you to let you know about all of the programs we can offer your members and their families.

If you are a member of a company, church, or organization who wants to support the families of the selfless men and women who serve your community and our nation, please consider sponsoring a class for their families.  It is a great way to say “Thank you” to those who protect your family and community day after day.

If you’re a friend of a “good guy,” how can you help to protect their family? Be there for them, support them, share safety knowledge with them, check on them, and thank them.

As a veteran, a former police officer, air marshal, and member of volunteer fire and rescue organizations, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have someone simply say “thank you for what you do.”  I’m sure it’s the same for all who serve.

I am personally thankful for all those who serve and am proud to have been among their ranks.

We look forward to meeting you and to making your families and your community safer!

(Update: Some of our programs have changed. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date.)

Cranford (& Penny) Blackmon
Owners, LaBCaF, LLC


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