Author - Penny B.

Author – Penny B.

Which would you prefer: Fighting your way out of a situation using self-defense techniques/tools/weapons OR Avoiding that situation altogether? We believe in avoiding the situation altogether.  That is why we have dedicated so much of our information and programs to avoiding and escaping bad situations!

When I think of all the tools Cranford has taught me, tools with which I can confidently protect myself by avoiding and escaping Bad Guys and bad situations, I am incredibly grateful for the Legs and Brains portion of our course. The reason we say “self-protection” rather than “self-defense” is because we teach you FIRST how to protect yourself by staying out of, or getting out of a bad situation. We are very committed to helping women understand how they can have some control in a bad situation, rather than just being a victim of it. And even having “some” control, can make a world of difference in the outcome.

When people think of self-defense, they think about the technique or “special move” that will help them get out of an attack.  At LaBCaF, LLC we believe that there is more to self-defense than just fighting off an attack.  We want women to know all of the things they can do to avoid being targeted by an assailant.  We want them to think of self-protection (protecting themselves from an attack), not just self defense (defending themselves in an attack).

It all starts with awareness. Part of that awareness is knowing what is around you that you can use as tools to help you WIN. In our way of thinking, “winning” means getting out of, or away from the dangerous situation, whether it’s a “shooter” in your area, someone trying to abduct you, or a violent tornado. Tools are everywhere, but they’re not “tools” for you, until you know HOW to use them!

It might sound challenging to learn not only WHAT tools are around you in any situation, but also HOW to use all of those tools. Well, we’ve actually made it pretty simple. The system we’ve developed allows you to connect things you already know, but in different ways. We just help you make the leap from your old understanding to a new and dynamic understanding that changes your role and your options in every situation.

So what has this done for me as a woman? Now I confidently look at my surroundings and easily find the Escape Tools that are available to me. I can find the best route to get through the environment I am in to give myself the best chance of escape and survival. I know how to WIN! The reason I feel so empowered is that before I ever come across a “bad” situation, I have already thought out what I COULD do. I already have a general plan that I can adjust for whatever happens. If a bad situation does find me, my mind and body has already thought through what I can do, I know what actions I can take to be victorious.

I am sharing this snapshot into our programs to tell you that YOU ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS! You don’t have to think about JUST “defending” yourself, you can think about winning. This is why I am so passionate about our classes. They are so different than anything I have ever been taught as a woman. As a woman I was taught two things, 1) other people have to protect me (since girls can’t effectively take care of themselves), and 2) if I do want to do it myself, I have to be willing to carry a self-defense tool, and hope that I can figure out how to use it.

When I speak to women about our classes, it is common for them to share with me about the pepper spray, or stun gun, or firearm they have decided to carry. These tools CAN all be effective and CAN have a place in your safety plan. But what I want women to know is this – that there is a plan BEFORE the self-defense plan! The plan is “avoidance.” There is so much that we have not been taught about avoidance. Before I learned these simple and easy-to-use systems, my pre-attack plan consisted of “hoping” I wasn’t attacked! Sadly enough, that plan probably sounds pretty familiar, right?

It is our strong desire to help women learn to use what they didn’t even know they had. Our system is easy. As soon as you are taught what to look for, you will see the tools and help everywhere! If your purchased self-defense tool is not near you, or you can’t get to it, you can still protect yourself.  You have an option that is more than “hoping,” more than having to guess which “self-defense weapon” will (hopefully) save you, more than being afraid to leave your house without someone to “protect” you. YOU can protect you. And the road to learning how isn’t nearly as long as you think! Come join us. We want to show you how Fight Like a Girl!


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